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Sea to Sky

Zihuatanejo Return - 7 Nights

Tour Cost:

Based on 2 People per room. If you are friends who prefer to have separate accommodations or are travelling alone, please contact us about our rates for single travellers.


2 Guests - $ 64,000 ($32,000 Each)

4 Guests - $ 88,000 ($22,000 Each)

6 Guests - $114,000 ($19,000 Each)

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Transportation including Tolls & Gas

Professional, Licensed Guide

PHD Biology Candidate Bird Guide

Horseback Riding at Paricutin

Return Boat Ride to Isla de Janitzio

Entrance Fees to:

Tingambato Archaeological Site

Cupatitzio National Forest

Paricutin Volcano

Tzintzuntzan Archaeological Site

Agua Blanca Therapeutic Pools

El Rosario Butterfly Reserve

7 Nights Accommodations

3 Breakfasts

1 Lunch

1 Dinner


Lunch or Dinner

Spa Pools & Treatments at Agua Blanca Resort

Horseback Riding at El Rosario

Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance

Capula Michoacan


Tingambato to Cupatitzio

Day 1

Your journey begins at 8AM from Zihuatanejo. Your guide will take you first to Tingambato on the outskirts of Uruapan to explore this small but interesting Nahua site.  Complete with a Moon Pyramid, a sunken ball court and 3 interesting tombs, construction of this site predates the Purepecha sites in the adjacent region of Michoacan, suggesting the Nahua inhabited this region prior to the great Purepecha Empire. 


Check into your hotel and head to Cupatitzio National Park for the remainder of the day.

Cupatitzio National Park, Uruapan Michoacan

Paricutin Volcano

Born Before the Eyes of Humankind

Day 2

Head out this morning at 7 AM to visit the Natural Wonder Paricutin Volcano. We recommend bringing yogurt, nuts and fruit for breakfast in the car. Please carry a backpack for water, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and layers.  A backpack will make riding easier.  We suggest keeping your camera around your neck! 


This tour takes about 7 hours and involves beginner level horseback riding. When we arrive at the Iglesia Viejo San Juan in Parangaricutiro, we will eat lunch before riding back to the parking lot. Depart for dinner at Rancho La Mesa before transferring to your hotel in Patzcuaro.


Iglesia Viejo San Juan, Parangaricutiro Michoacan

Sailing to Isla de Janitzio

Day 3

Depart by boat for the Isla de Janitzio this morning. Enjoy the touristy but endearing island of winding staircase of shops that are brimming with local handicrafts. Ascend the inner gallery of the Morelos statue, which is complete with an interesting museum of paintings.


When you return to Patzcuaro, your guide will take you on a short walking tour to orient you with the downtown area, before setting you free to explore and shop.

Lake Patzcuaro Region

Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan

Hot Springs


Tzintzuntzan to Jungapeo

Day 4

Depart Patzcuaro by 8:30 AM for Tzintzuntzan Archaeological Zone. Viewing this site should be comparative, as the structures here are quite different from those of Tingambato. That is because the site of Tzintzuntzan was once the Capital of the mighty Purepecha Empire – an empire so strong, even the Aztec were never successful at penetrating, let alone conquering, their territory. Explore the Ex-Convent of Santa Ana and be on the road for Jungapeo by 10:30.


You will arrive at Agua Blanca Resort for a 2 PM lunch – before sinking into one of their therapeutic hot springs for an afternoon of much deserved relaxation and pampering in their lovely spa.

Agua Blanca Resort, Jungapeo Michoacan

El Rosario Butterfly Reserve

Pueblos Magicos Tlalpujahua

Day 5

Depart Jungapeo by 9 AM to visit El Rosario Butterfly Reserve. Enjoy a vigorous work-out climbing up to the reserve, or a more relaxing ascent through these thick pine forests on horseback. After dismounting from your horse, you will still need to climb a slight incline for about 15 mins. This reserve is seated at an altitude close to 11 thousand feet, so those of you who live at sea level will find this challenging. If you have issues with altitude, this trip is not advised.

Leaving the reserve by 1:30 PM allows you enough time to stop in the incredible Pueblos Magicos Christmas town of Tlalpujahua to visit the Christmas village where artists are blowing glass ornaments by hand. Check into Casona Rosa B&B around 7 PM.

Tlalpujahua, Michoacan


For the Nature Lover

Day 6

Spend Day 6 birding in the Morelia area. Your guide will take you, along with PHD Biology Candidate Adrian Ceja Madrigal, who is an expert at identifying birds through sound as well as visual.


If you prefer to engage in a cooking class instead, this can also be arranged with Cynthia Martinez. Extra charges may apply, depending on how many are signed up for cooking classes. (If there is a cooking class scheduled for a different day during your stay, we will swap them.)

Sanctuaro of Our Lady Guadalupe, Morelia, Michoacan


The Aristocrat City

Day 7

This bustling city is home to a high density of youth, making the historical centre a hip mirage of coffee shops, cafes, night clubs, restaurants that appeal to foodies, and endless musicians. Home to the oldest music conservatory in the Americas, Morelia boasts over 100 preserved structures dating back to the Romantic and Baroque Era. The city is famed for it’s pink cantera stone architecture – a wonderful construction material that reflects the sun so wonderfully at sunset.

Depart on a walking tour this morning from 9:30 AM until lunch at 1 PM. Your guide will direct you through countless historical buildings, and will also take you through the chaos of the Mercado Independencia – an important vein of this vibrant downtown.

Sugar Cane Festival - Morelia, Michoacan


Return to Familiar Places

Day 8

Depart Morelia by 9 AM and stop at the Templo de Santiago Apostle in Tupataro before arriving in the Pueblos Magico’s town of Santa Clara del Cobre. If you are an art collector, please allow us to take you to meet the Perez Family, where you can purchase art pieces directly. If you are not interested in purchasing art, we prefer to leave the artists to their work and instead, head straight for the demonstrations, cultural centre and shops.


We will return to Rancho la Mesa for lunch overlooking Lake Patzcuaro before departing for Zihuatanejo. We expect to arrive in Zihuatanejo around 5:30 PM.

Templo de Santiago Apostle, Tupataro Michoacan

Casona Rosa B&B

Calle Galeana 274

Colonia Centro

Morelia, Michoacan MX

US Phone: 773 696 5771

MX Phone:  443 312 3127 





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