Casona Rosa B&B Team



Colorful, clever, courageous and creative are just a few words that describe engaging world traveler and Casona Rosa B&B proprietress Rose Calderone.   With over forty years host experience between various locations in the US and two locations in Morelia, Rose was a pioneer of the B&B model long before boutique Bed & Breakfast's were trendy. 


Throughout the years, Rose has curated her boutique hotel with a diverse collection of cultural and indigenous arts to represent the true Spirit of Michoacan. 


Most importantly, Rose is a passionate host who invites her guests to feel at home - a reputation that has earned her Trip Advisor's Number 1 B&B in Morelia since 2012 & the Hall of Fame designation in 2018!  


Born and raised in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, Guadalupe Guevara's passion for cooking began at 11 years old, when she started learning from her father Alfredo, who was a cook on a large fishing boat. 


Guadalupe began working at Casona Rosa in 2013 as our housekeeping and kitchen manager.  Breakfast at Casona Rosa B&B is included; however, if you are staying here with a large group and would like Guadalupe to cook dinners for you, please contact us for more information!

Please remember to give us fair warning if you have any food sensitivities or allergies, so we can let Lupe know!


Born and raised in Morelia, Mireya has been working at Casona Rosa B&B since 2009!  Though Mireya is quiet and shy, she's always willing to assist guests with whatever she can.  Mireya works on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


L-R:  Gerardo Chavez, Jesus Lopez, Jose Tapia, Adrian Ceja Madrigal, Jesus Alexandre

Whether you are looking for someone to drive a bus with a large group, a specialized day tour, an extended excursion through the soul of Mexico, or a scientist to enhance your understanding of a nature experience, we have you covered!

Gerardo Chavez and Jesus Lopez are both experienced guides who have been touring our guests around Michoacan for many years.  Chavez has been working closely with us to develop our extended tours, and has taken our guests on adventures from Zihuatanejo to Teotihuacan, from Guanajuato to Guadalajara, and many places between. 


If you speak or are learning Spanish and prefer a guide who cannot speak English, a tour with Jose Tapia is an opportunity to test your language proficiency.

Adrian Ceja Madrigal recently joined our team to assist with nature tours.  Educated at the University of Morelia, Madrigal has completed his Bachelor and Masters in science, and is now working on his PHD.  Madrigal specializes in endemic and migratory birds from our region, but his background in science allows him to offer educational insight into the flora and fauna of the region, as well as geological information if you are taking a tour to Paricutin Volcano near Uruapan.

Jesus Alexandre is a photographer/installation artist from Uruapan.  As his work has primarily focused on Indigenous narratives of the P'urhepecha people, Jesus has a vast network of artists he can introduce you to, in villages off the beaten path.  Visit Charapan to purchase an authentic Gaban, or travel to Ocumicho where the Devil was molded from Clay.  Jesus can put you in direct contact with the Maestro's of many villages.  We only reserve these tours for serious art collectors, as the artists are very busy with their work.