11 Nights

12 Days


La Ruta

Mata Ortiz

Tour Overview

Revitalizing an Ancient Tradition

This tour will introduce guests to the Mata Ortiz movement, and how Juan Quezada was at the heart of this fascinating revival.  We will begin with a short stay in Ciudad Madera to hike out to Cuarenta Casas in the Huapoca Canyon.  From there we will travel to Pueblo Magico Casas Grandes.  Here lies the ancient site of Paquime.

Our full day workshop with Gloria Hernandez is in the small town of Mata Ortiz, which is most famous for it's revival of Mogollon Pottery Juan Quezada found scattered around the region.  Guests will have a chance to dig into the clay and sculpt something using some of these ancient techniques that were repatriated in the 1970's.

Cuarenta Casas

Forty Houses of the Huapoca Canyon

Cuarenta Casas is located near Ciudad Madero in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, and is believed to be the southern-most settlement of the Mogollon peoples.  We will stay in this region for two nights to explores some of what the region has on offer.  There are five Paquime sites:  Huapoca, Cueva Grande, La Rancheria, Cueva del Punte, and the most famous - Cueva de la Ventanas which means "Cave of Windows."


This segment of our trip involves hiking in an area with steep inclines, as these sites are in the Huapoca Canyon.  Guests are advised to have layers, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses and plenty of water. 

Real de Catorce

The Royal Fourteen

Traversing the 2 KM Ogarrio Tunnel is akin to traveling through a time-warp that delivers you to the ruins of a crumbling ghost town where time has stood still for hundreds of years.  Seated at an altitude of 8950 feet, Real de Catorce is hunched-up against the side of a mountain with sensational vistas to the valley's below.  This experience will leave you feeling as though you have arrived at the end of the world - and considering the Ogarrio Tunnel is the only way back to reality, it's fair to say this stunning village is truly beyond the edge of time.  We will investigate the ruins of Puebla Fantasma, the bull ring, Palenque Theatre, an 18th century Church & cemetery and the spiritual Huichol birthplace of the sun.

Gloria Hernandez

Award Winning Ceramicist

Mata Ortiz is a small village, located about 28 KM from the Pueblo Magico of Casas Grandes, or 197 KM south of the El Paso, Texas border crossing.  Famed only because of the Mata Ortiz Art Movement Revival lead by self-taught artist Juan Quezada, Mata Ortiz  


The Aristocrat City

Prior to the Mexican Revolution, Morelia was known as Valladolid.  Morelia is named after Jose Maria Morelos, who was a hero of the revolution.  The battle of independence arrived in Morelia about one year after the Cry of Dolores, and the siege of this city resulted in the end of slavery, though it took another ten years before independence was achieved.

First time visitors to the Aristocrat City will enjoy the 100 Baroque and Romantic era structures that were built from pink cantera stone.  Your guide will offer you a half-day walking tour.  As we arrive in Morelia late our first night, we will spend two nights here.  Lupe will cook us a fabulous feast for our tour conclusion.  

We will depart Casona Rosa B&B at 9:45 AM, making one last important stop for those of you who love your Morelia pilgrimage to Costco.  We will arrive in Zihuatanejo around 3:30 PM.



An Exploration of Mexico’s Silver Road



$45,000 Pesos for Singles

$62,000 Pesos for Couples

If you are travelling as a group of friends or a family of four, and you wish to share accommodations, please contact Jennifer at soulofmexicotours@gmail.com for group rates. Shared accommodations mean reduced rates. Please scroll to the bottom for information on what this tour includes!



Everyone arrives in Zacatecas around 6 PM. We will check into the hotel and head for dinner.



Today we meet for breakfast at 8:30 prior to heading out on the town! Our first stop will be Mina el Eden, which is now a fascinating museum in the top level of the mine, with views to lower levels of the mine that were flooded with water. This museum has two parts - one that includes a tour through the mine-shaft, and the other that is a fascinating collection of fossils. From inside the mine, we will take an elevator up to the Gondola for a sensational ride to La Bufa. After lunch, our day will conclude at the Museo Rafael Coronel - which houses an extensive and fascinating collection of masks from around Mexico.



Today we will meet for breakfast at 8:30 before driving south to the ancient ruins of La Quemada. The name of this site refers to the city being burned - which the archaeological record confirms. After our half-day tour, we will visit Vinedos Campo Real Winery!



We will depart Zacatecas at 9:30 AM and make our way to Real de Catorce. Upon arriving at the tunnel, guests have the option of being transported through by van, or walking through. The tunnel is lit, so walking through can be quite an experience. Once we are on the other side, we will check into our hotel and enjoy a leisurely afternoon. The altitude in Real de Catorce is the highest you will experience on this journey, so some guests may prefer to acclimatize to the altitude. We will enjoy our first night's meal at the Meson de la Abundancia.



This morning we will meet for breakfast at 9 AM. At 10:30, guests who would like to visit the incredible Puebla Fantasma will depart up the mountain by horseback with trusted guide Omar Covarrubias Coronado and his team. This tour takes about 2 hours, which involves 1/2 and hour each way on horseback. Though the mountain is steep, the path is a series of switch-backs. This tour is fine for beginners, though riders should be aware that some places may feel steep! For those of you who have ridden at the butterflies, please be warned there are no platforms here; however, Omar will assist you in mounting and dismounting. Guests who do not wish to horseback ride may simply want to wander the many picturesque streets, and enjoy a coffee at "Real Bucks." If you are an avid hiker and would feel comfortable climbing at 9000 feet, there are many adventurers who have climbed to Puebla Fantasma on foot.

When we return from our tour, we will have lunch before heading out to visit the ruins of an old bull ring, the cemetery and beautiful Church that is dedicated to San Francisco and Our Lady Guadalupe, and Palenque Theatre, where men once congregated for cock-fights.



For those of you who are now experts on horseback, this day offers another great opportunity to travel to the Huichol spiritual birthplace of Cerro del Quemado, also known as Wirikuta. Though this journey is steep and arduous, it can also be accomplished on foot if you are comfortable climbing at high altitudes.



This morning we depart Real de Catorce at 9:30 AM for lunch-time arrival in San Luis Potosi. We will check into the Hotel Concordia, which is right in the heart of the city, next to the Plaza de Armas. Highlights of San Luis Potosi can be visited in one day, including the National Museum of Masks, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Regional Museum. The Plaza de Armas, Plaza del Carmen and some key car-free areas make this a fairly safe and straight-forward city to navigate on foot.



This morning we will depart San Luis Potosi at 1 PM following lunch. Along the way is the small town of Jaral de Berrios, where stands the impressive Hacienda of Jaral de Berrios. It is said the owners of this Haciendas were among the wealthiest of the world in their time. From there, we will make our way to Guanajuato to check in and have dinner.


This morning we will meet for breakfast at 8:30, then head out to explore the city. Our explorations will take us around the historical city centro, through the Alhondiga de Granaditas art & history museum, up the funicular to the statue of El Pipila, and over to the Hidalgo Mercado. We also plan on attending the theatre this night, though it will depend on availability.



This morning we will start with breakfast at 8:30 before heading over to the Mummy Museum. After our time at the museum, we will break away for free time so guests can rest, shop or further explore.



This morning we will say farewell to Guanajuato City by 8:30 AM, heading first to the Pueblo Magico and historically significant town of Dolores Hidalgo. Here we will visit the church famous for Hidalgo's Cry of Dolores. We depart Dolores Hidalgo after a brief visit, stopping next at the Sanctuary of Atotonilco - an astonishing church reputed as Mexico's own Sistine Chapel. We will arrive in San Miguel de Allende no later than 12:30 for lunch at Lavanda Cafe. From there we will have some free time to explore the Plaza and amazing Parroquia de San Migel Arcangel. We depart San Miguel by 4:30 to arrive in Mineral de Pozos on time for dinner at Restaurante 325.



This morning we will head out for our last mine experience - visiting Mina de Santa Brigada and Mina Cinco Senores. These ruins are quite well preserved for how long they have been abandoned, though it is important to watch your step, as there are open mine shafts devoid of barriers. We will end today's excursion with lunch and well-deserved pampering at Club Spa Las Minas for those who wish us to book an appointment.



We will depart Mineral de Pozos at 10AM, arriving in the Pueblo Magico village of Cuitzeo del Porvenir for lunch on the lake. After a lovely tour of the Augustinian Monastery, we will head for Morelia to check in and rest before dinner at Lu Restaurant.



Our guide will provide first time visitors to Morelia with a morning walking tour – and then guests are free to enjoy a free day in the city. Many of you are familiar with Morelia, so will enjoy poking around your favourite haunts!



We will depart for Zihuatanejo at 9:45 AM making one last important stop for those of you who love your Morelia pilgrimage to Costco! We should arrive in Zihuatanejo around 3:30 PM.




All Hotel Accommodations in Mid-Range / Boutique Hotels

Transport by Van to all locations and activities

All costs associated with Van travel including gas and tolls

All activities listed in the itinerary with the exception of Optional Activities:

  • Horseback Riding in Real de Catorce

  • Spa Treatments in Mineral de Pozos

  • Walking Tour in Morelia




Flights to Zacatecas

Optional Activities Listed Above

Meals (Breakfast will be covered in Morelia)

*We will try our best to book us into Hotels that include breakfast, however availability

may be limited depending on when the tour is confirmed.

Casona Rosa B&B

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