Cultural Observations

There are several cultural observations that make our region an incredible place to be.  You can visit the cemeteries during the famous Dia de los Muertos celebration of the dead, attend the Domingo de Ramos parade in Uruapan, or witness the Procession del Silencio during Semana Santa.

Dia de los Muertos

The most intriguing and important observation of which our region is famous for, is that of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.  Please contact us if you would like to experience this incredible celebration.  Our Dia de los Muertos events are a minimum week long reservation.  We are currently sold out for 2018 and 2019, but are now taking reservations for 2020!

Day of Our Lady Guadalupe & Sugar Cane Festival

December 12 marks an important date to Catholics in Mexico - as this is the day Our Lady Guadalupe is honoured all over the country.  In Morelia, the pilgrimage begins at the Cathedral at the main zocalo, where the dedicated and faithful begin their painful journey to the Sanctuary of Our Lady Guadalupe on their knees.  The journey takes several hours, with some having attendants placing blankets on the pavement before them, and others who walk on bare knees by themselves.  The Sugar Cane Festival takes place at the same time, so the Sanctuary of Our Lady Guadalupe is a very busy place, between faithful worshipers and families celebrating on fair rides and various sweets and other delectables.


If you've never been in a Mexican city during Christmas, Morelia is quite an experience.  The Zocalo is a varied display of religious nativities beside scenes of death and the ominous devil.  Of course, there are also the busy night markets and lights around fountains that make this a romantic and festive time to visit.

Domingo de Ramos & Semana Santa

Expats living in beach areas often complain about how busy Easter is - and would be wise to ditch the beach for the week and head up to Morelia to Casona Rosa B&B!   Though the city of Morelia is also busy during the Domingo de Ramos & Semana Santa observations, it's a different kind of busy - one that is cultural, ritualistic and completely mesmerizing.  Our guests will enjoy spending time in Uruapan on the Saturday before Palm Sunday, watching indigenous artists ceremoniously parade their art work through the streets in a massive procession that includes representation from countless art villages of Michoacan, and concludes with an extensive art market boasting over 1400 vendors.  We will also spend time in Patzcuaro at the smaller, adjudicated market.  This is also a prime time to visit the Isle of Janitzio, as most of the merchants are open, and there are celebrations and dances on the waterfront.  Finally on Friday night, witness the Cofradia Procession del Silencio in Morelia.  This spectacular ritual is something you will never forget.  If you would like to partake in all of our events during this holiday, please contact us for more information, as the dates change each year.