"Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”  - Gustave Flaubert

Magical Towns of

Santa Clara del Cobre, Patzcuaro & Tzintzuntzan

Colonial Towns with an Indigenous Spirit

Visit three unique "Pueblo Magico's" of Michoacan over the course of one day.  Santa Clara del Cobre is famous for her Copper Maestro's, who forge copper using traditional techniques.  Patzcuaro is a hub, and therefore an excellent town to explore if looking for handicrafts from around the region. With the oldest olive trees of the America's, a fascinating Convent, colorful market and P'urhepecha Archaeological Site, Tzintzuntzan is a must see!  

UNESCO World Heritage Monarch Butterfly Reserves

Where Science meets the Spiritual

Visit Sierra Chincua or El Rosario to observe literally millions of Monarch Butterflies clustered among the milkweed of Michoacan's mesmerizing pine forests.  At an altitude of 10,000 + feet, hiking the steep incline can be challenging, though there are guides who will lead you to the reserve on horseback.  

This full day trip starts early, and can include a short stop in the Pueblo Magico Christmas Town of Tlalpujahua.  Please advise us if you would like to visit the Christmas Town!

Sail to the Handicraft Markets of  Isla de Janitzio

A Labyrinth of Merchants

The Isla de Janitzio is most famed for the festivities that take place here during Dia de los Muertos - though you should expect mass crowds and long sailing delays during Muertos.  Come at any other time of year to soak up the colour of this vibrant and touristy labyrinth of shops.  The island is small and steep, with merchant-filled staircases winding up and around countless shops, homes, restaurants and churches.  Some are put-off by the tourism-nature of this small island, but we still love going - if not for the wonderful markets, then for the scenic boat ride that connects visitors to a different facet of Indigenous existence here.  This tour can be combined with an afternoon tour of Patzcuaro or Tzintzuntzan and Capula.  Tour price includes return passage on a motorized boat.

World Mystery Paricutin Volcano

Born before the eyes of mankind

Visiting Paricutin Volcano in the morning is best, as one can enjoy hiking during the cooler part of the day. Sturdy boots are mandatory for the hike, though most guests prefer to visit by horseback.  

The tour takes approximately 2 hrs by horseback, and 3 hours by foot.  Don't worry if you are not an experienced rider, as the guides lead your horse in order to make sure you are safe.  The hiking tour is only recommended for those who are active and fit, due to uneven footing and high altitude.

Art Collectors Studio Tour

Visit the Land.  Meet the Artist.  Understand Their Art

We reserve this tour for serious art collectors only.  As artists are very busy, we only take guests to visit art studios if the artist has the potential to make a sale.


If you are a serious art collector, or are looking for pieces to showcase in your gallery, please contact us for information on the various mediums available in our region.    

Nature Lovers

Bird Watching

Observing Nature's Gift

If you are an avid bird watcher, join Adrian Ceja Madrigal for a bird tour in the Morelia area.