Extended Tours

Extend your adventure with a memorable guided tour of a lifetime.  The suggested tour options can be adjusted to fit your interests and time allowance.  Please contact Jennifer for more information!

Suggested Tour Options

Soul of Mexico Colonial Tour

Visit the major Colonial cities that make this region famous for being the Soul of Mexico.  We offer extended tours that include pick-up in Mexico City and overnights in Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato City, Patzcuaro and Morelia.  The full circle tour can be experienced in 10-12 days, but we can optimize your experience for shorter or longer adventures.

Turtles & Butterflies - from Sea to Sky

Enjoy a sunset turtle release in Zihuatanejo before departing for a journey through a less-visited part of Mexico.  Have lunch in Uruapan's National Forest, explore the Pueblo Magico's of the Lake Patzcuaro region, unwind in the opulent UNESCO city of Morelia, horseback into the steep pine forests that are home to three major Monarch Butterfly reserves and end your journey at Teotihuacan Archaeological Site near Mexico City.  This tour can be explored in reverse, if you would prefer to land in Mexico City and fly home from Zihuatanejo.  

San Miguel de Allende to Morelia

Your guide will pick you up in San Miguel de Allende and take you to Guanajuato City via Atotonilco, where you will visit the Sistine Chapel of Mexico.  From there, have lunch in Dolores Hidalgo and eventually make your way to the luxurious city of Guanajuato.  Visit the Mummy Museum, wander the beautiful streets, ride the vinicular to the Pipila, shop in the fascinating Hidalgo Mercado and dine in the lovely park.  Continue your journey to Morelia, where you have many day tour options to the Lake Patzcuaro region or Butterfly Reserves.  Your tour ends where you decide - so you can be dropped off in Zihuatanejo, Guadalajara, Mexico City - or returned to San Miguel de Allende!

* NEW!  Puerto Vallarta to San Miguel de Allende 

We have hosted several guests travelling between Puerto Vallarta and San Miguel de Allende, so are very happy to be offering this new tour!  Rather than sitting on a bus for hours and waiting for a transfer in a busy Guadalajara bus station, your guide can pick you up in Puerto Vallarta and take you on a tour in Tequila, where you will stay overnight.  Visit Tequila Distilleries and the Archaeological site of Guachimontones.  Depart the next morning for Morelia, and check into Casona Rosa B&B.  When you are ready to head to San Miguel de Allende, your guide can take you via a short stay in Guanajuato City, or directly to San Miguel de Allende.  There are endless possibilities with this tour option - including delivery to Mexico City or Zihuatanejo instead of San Miguel de Allende!  Just let us know how much time you have, what your interests are, and we can piece together some options for you!

Casona Rosa B&B

Calle Galeana 274

Colonia Centro

Morelia, Michoacan MX

US Phone: 773 696 5771

MX Phone:  443 312 3127 





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