Overnight Tours

Casona Rosa B&B offers some key overnight tours that allow our guests a little extra time to enjoy given areas.  If your desired experience isn't listed here, please contact us for special requests!

Butterfly Reserves

Enjoy a leisurely visit to the Butterfly Reserves by booking an overnight trip.  Your guide will take you to Tlalpujahua and El Oro, to visit two incredible mining towns, the former of which is also a Christmas Town famous for glass blown ornaments.  Choose from Angangueo, Tlalpujahua or Zitacuaro for an overnight stay, depending on the butterfly reserve you most long to visit.  Please contact us for information about these towns, and the reserves.

Paricutin Volcano

Stay in the authentic city of Uruapan and enjoy more time visiting the World Mystery Paricutin Volcano.  You'll have the opportunity to visit the National Forest in Uruapan and visit the textile mill.  Alternately, you may want to combine this trip with a visit to famous instrument town of Paracho or one of the other art villages nearby.  

Did someone say Tequila?

If you're a tequila fan, this tour may really appeal to you!  Spend the night in a tequila barrel in the town of Tequila!  Tour tequila distilleries and the archaeological site of Guachimontones.  If you prefer to stay in Guadalajara, you can also enjoy a day tour to Tequila on the Tequila Express.  ( Please note - the train only runs on weekends.)

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