"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”  - Henry David Thoreau

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Soul of Mexico Tours

With 35 UNESCO Sites throughout the country, Mexico is much richer than the famed tourist resorts of Cancun, Tulum, Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta.  Centrally located, Morelia is the perfect gateway to the best of what the Highlands of Mexico has on offer.  We can pick you up and drop you off for an end-to-end journey, or return you to your starting point.  The beauty of our tours, is that you decide your schedule and activities, and we take care of the headaches of reservations and transportation details, while providing you with a professional, bilingual guide!  Come discover new haunts in the cultural heart of Mexico!

Your Eclectic Sense of Experience

From the cosmopolitan centro of Mexico City to the opulent heart of Morelia, our Soul of Mexico Tours engage a rustic authenticity that envelops unique cultural festivities and observations, majestic Pueblo Magico's, Baroque, Romantic and Moorish architecture, ornamented churches, bird watching, butterfly reserves, turtles releases, ancient archaeology and the World Wonder Paricutin Volcano.  Studies have concluded time slows down when we experience activities that are new to us - so embarking on a tour with us is a sure way to make your vacation feel extended!

Our TravelPhilosophy

At Casona Rosa B&B, not only do we love where we live, we enjoy sharing our backyard with our guests - and that means scheduling leisurely tours that include down-time so you can relax and enjoy your surroundings.  If you love shopping, or taking extra time in museums, we can craft experiences that allow you more time than tours created for minimalists who prefer to keep moving.  Just tell us what your interests are for a variety of intriguing options!     

Your Adventurous Palette

Wine and Dine in upscale restaurants, or feast with the locals at the market - we recommend both!  Our guides are more than happy to introduce you to local traditions.  One of our favourite eating experiences is at Los Molcajetes in the small town of Quiroga -  as well as Lu Restaurant, which is a short walking distance from Casona Rosa B&B!

Our Reliable Tour Guides

With a team of reliable guides, our tours are guaranteed!  Just tell us when and where you're landing, and one of our guides will pick you up!

Viva la Vida! - We look forward to hosting you! 

Casona Rosa B&B

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